How I earned money to buy a car worth £53,700 within just 4 months [detailed direction]

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Do you have enough money? Do you have everything you've ever dreamed of? Are you happy with your life? If yes, don't waste your time and close this page.

To the rest of the people I want to tell how you can stop staying at work from 9 to 18 and start earning from £250 to £300 daily You can learn how to do that within literally two days at home.

I did it and if you want, you can do it too! I will not lose anything by sharing this and perhaps it would help somebody to drastically change their life and become financially independent.

Briefly about myself. My name is Helen Smith, I'm 26, and I'm from Southampton. A regular girl from an average income family. I was a late child. My mother worked as a nurse in a public hospital and my dad was a driver of a dust truck.

When I was a child I constantly saw how my parents tried to buy cheaper food, clothes, and struggled to save some money for a vacation. Once in 3-4 years, we could have holidays in Spain.

I finished high school. There was no chance for me to study at the University as I had to earn money to sustain myself and support my parents (who had already retired by then).

I began to work as a sales person with a year salary of approximately £22,000. It was a decent wage as for 2008 in Southampton.

I had enough money for everything but I had a dream. New BMW X6. It was very expensive and I knew it would take much time to save enough money. But it didn't bother me as it was my dream! And dreams never come true so easily. That's what I thought at that time...

After 7 years a crisis stroke. It was December 2014 when job market was very weak and people were panicking. I stayed calm and kept working because I had not much to lose...

Our children's clothes store lasted for 3 months after December and closed in March 2015 due to bankruptcy and I was laid off. Without job and means to support myself, supported by my retired parents.

My unplanned holiday in May 2015 was not very joyful in our family. It was the second month in a row I was frantically surfing the Internet looking for at least some opportunities.

After almost 2 more weeks of the search, being totally desperate, I came across a story from some guy about how he managed to make £ 5,200 within a month on the Internet using his PC and at home sitting in his chair.

It was the story about how he traded binary options.

I felt like I received an electric shock. Here it was, my one in a lifetime chance!

At first, I couldn't understand anything but I tried to work it out using various websites, forums, and blogs. I read heaps of information on this topic and finally figured it out. I was so happy! I still recall the moment when I finally understood everything...

Now I want to interrupt myself for a while because I want you to understand what I'm going to tell you about. I want to briefly and clearly describe what binary options are. So you will not have to look for the information about it on hundreds various websites as I had to. I just want to help you save your time.

Binary options are an absolutely new, very simple, fast and incredibly profitable way of making money on the financial markets. You may know that various currencies like dollars, euros, pounds, etc. are sold and bought on these markets 24/7, without weekends and holidays.

Your task is to open an account for buying and selling currency on the website which provides binary options services (it's called broker's website). It's free. Then you will have to just recharge this account, set an amount, and correctly predict in what direction the exchange rate of US dollar, for example, will move .

There are only two options: it'll go up or down. You chose the time of the deal which you want to forecast. It may range from 1 minute to 3 hours. If your prediction was right it means that you earned almost twice as much as the amount of the deal. If you were wrong, the sum of the deal will be deducted from your account.

It will be your job and you will be called "a trader". You can work this way any day and at any time, no matter where you are. You will need just a PC and Internet access. See, it's simple. Even a child would do that!

When I worked it out for myself I was really anxious to have a try and I decided to do it .

I signed up for free and opened an account on the website of the broker.

After the registration I had virtual £10,000 to have a try and train. Such option is provided by the broker free of charge to let people have a try.

First off I tested my skills using this virtual money. I did well and in the first hour I earned £11,000 after tax. Well, actually it was nothing but figures and I wanted to have real money. But they could be earned only by transferring real money to my account. There are many ways of doing it. Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

At the end of that very day I transferred real money to my account. I used my old Visa bank card which I used to receive salary from my previous employer. My initial deposit was small. The broker allows you to start with just £35 which is a huge advantage! I could afford to recharge my account with this amount.

After an hour of trading using real money I had £160 on my account!!! It was incredible! My heart was in my mouth and I couldn't breathe, so exited I was! I succeeded!!!

I didn't sleep the whole next night. In the morning there were already £800 on my account! Eight hundred pounds! I started the evening with just £35!!! I couldn't believe it!!! I wanted to go on without a stop but fatigue overcame me and I fell asleep barely reaching my bed...

After I opened my eyes in the afternoon, I looked at my profile and again saw £800 in my account. It was not a dream!!!

I spent the whole next day at my PC and by the midnight there were £3000 in my account!!! These first numbers of my success remained in my memory forever!

It meant that I earned £3000 minus £800 I had in the morning. It was £2200 in 12 hours! That was amazing! I'd never earned so much in my entire life!

Before going to bed, I ordered money transfer of £2200 to my bank card. Still unable to fully believe in my success, I fell asleep.

The sound of an incoming text woke me up in the morning. I received £2200 on my bank card!!! I've just got £2200 on my bank card!!!

On the previous evening, there were less than £40 after I recharged my phone and transferred £35 to my account. And now I got £2200!!! The method did work!

I didn't have such a really good morning for quite long!

Over the next week I earned more than £4000 and I ended June with £16,000. At the end of summer I had almost £40,000. In September I was able to buy the dream which I had already forgotten about! New BMW X6 worth £53,700

Well, I took a small loan from the bank but considering my current earnings it wasn't a problem. As a result, I easily paid off the loan after 2 months, in November.

I just took the car from the dealership. Just look at it.

I'm writing this and trying to remember how it all began. How did I do this? Very simple! I just believed in myself! I believed I could find my chance, that I'd succeed as the guy whose post I read! I really believed!

You just need to believe that you can do it! It's very important. Otherwise, you'll have nothing in your life! Never! If you don't believe in yourself, you will gradually stick to the idea that everything good in your life has already happened. And your thoughts will become a reality...

If you are in despair and mistrust everything, if you are so frustrated that you don't see the chance to change your life, then you will never change it!

Try to see your chance in everything. In any events around you, in people who, for some reason, you meet in your life, in stories which, for some reason, come to your attention, basically, in everything! Always use these chances as they are yours! You'll succeed!!!

For some reason, I always strongly believed that I would buy my dream car and I did! I didn't save money to buy it. I simply bought it using income which never runs dry and keeps growing at this very moment. At the same time, I stopped depending on some bosses and I don't have to go to a job which starts at 9:00 a.m., with one day off and run on my feet all day long as it used to be.

Now my daily earnings are higher than my previous monthly salary! This gives an incredible feeling of freedom!!!

Was it a miracle? I don't know, probably yes. But the miracle was very usual. I just read the article, believed in myself, and started acting! And I succeeded!

Stop wasting time, just do it! In a couple of months, you'll be relaxing on some warm white sand beach on Maldives on the coast of the Indian Ocean. You will leave in a detached bungalow of a 5-star hotel and have a personal chef. Or you will drive the car of your most daring dream. Or live in the apartment or a house you've always dreamed of.

There will be no more debts or keeping the wolf from the door situations!


P.S. I've just told you how anyone of you can get a full financial independence within just 2-3 days and quit working.

It's surprising how many people don't even try it! Perhaps there are not so many people who need REAL financial freedom.

I wanted it badly and I really wanted to live a good life, instead of spending minimally 30% of my life on job just to support myself for the rest 70% of my lifetime.

I used my chance and I succeeded!

Will you be able to do the same? I'm sure that you will! But you'll never know it until you try...

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Paul McMahon
Jane, why do you invest all £400 in one deal? What are you doing? Invest no more than 2% from it as Andrew says below. So deal's amount should be £8 (2% from £400) and no more! If you have just £200 on your account, then the amount of deal should not exceed £4. The most reliable is to recharge by minimum £500 and make the amount of deal £10 (it's exactly 2% from £500). The day before yesterday I read the article and the comments thereto. I thought for a while and decided to check it. It didn't work when I transferred £35 too. I was shocked and thought it was some fraud. It worked only when I made the second try and recharged it by £500. Using them I earned £800 in a couple of hours. As I'm not a gambler ))), yesterday I decided to keep going and did it successfully again. Now I have £1300 in my account ) Not so cool as Helen has, but actually everything works!
18 min. ago | Comment
Jane White
I have a problem (I transferred £200 to my account and got £400 including bonus). I was enthusiastic and invested the whole amount in a deal but my forecast was wrong (
25 min. ago | Comment
Alex Harrison
I've been trading for two years. I've never seen such a free ride before. Use the moment when the market is so volatile.
41 min ago | Comment
Oliver Simpson
Yes, it really works. I invested £800!!!!! Now I have £16,176!!!!! I never made money in such a way in my entire life! Helen, I love you!!!!!
52 min. ago | Comment
Jessica Bishop
I respect people like you. Good luck with your business
56 min. ago | Comment
Andrew Mitchell
Even if you perfectly stick to the system of trend following, there still will be some lost deals, which is absolutely normal. In fact, you can't expect constant profits as no trader in the world can do it! You can have bad hours or even days when you make several red ink operations. Therefore, it's important to strictly comply with the following investment rule: every opened position must not be more than 2% of your assets. If your investment in your deposit is £50 the deal must not exceed £1. The most difficult in trading is not the prediction but self-control. The market will not escape from you."
16.05.16 22:43 | Comment
Michael Fowler
Jason, it's up to you. I sometimes trade options too and can say you can earn decent money
16.05.16 21:48 | Comment
Jason Rust
That's tripe. I'd better have my £25,000 annually at my job. Not so much but stable.
16.05.16 21:33 | Comment
Antony Roberts
Yesterday I transferred £500 from my credit card (interest-free repay period is 30 days). At 19:10 I opened the first £100 position. At 21:45 I had £1000 in my account and I transferred £500 back to my credit card. Plus £500 in 2.5 hours. Can you believe it?! Thanks to the author!!
16.05.16 21:21 | Comment
Edward Stevenson
Guys! Today I closed the deal +£3340. Everything works awesome!!!
16.05.16 20:39 | Comment
Mary Taylor
16.05.16 20:09 | Comment
Nigel Fox
I want to say that earning £300 daily is not a limit at all. I've been trading options for just six months and I'm already earning £500 daily! But I trade at home for 10 hours every day.
16.05.16 19:17 | Comment

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